Why Mandarin?

Everyone learns Mandarin in school -- in Hong Kong,
Guangdong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, and etc!

We use simplified characters (from the Mainland)
because it is easier for children to start learning right
away.  Learning the Taiwanese system for
pronunciation makes it extra hard.  

What about adoptees from southern China?

We thought about this a lot.  If your children are from
the south or west part of China, it would be hard to
choose the right dialect.  

Cantonese, or guangdonghua, is only one of the many
languages that might have been spoken in their

Plus, schools all teach in Mandarin, so it will get you
around any place in China!
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Popping Pandas
a Montessori House Children's Chinese Language Project
Region-Free DVDs?

Some parents have purchased region-free
DVD players that play NTSC/PAL format
DVDs.  If you are not a
technically-inclined kind of parent, it is a
bit of a learning curve, but well worth it
because the new shows are coming out in
PAL Region 6 (for China).  


Video CDs.  These provide a viewing
quality between that of a video tape and
DVD.  It is a popular format in Asia
(though now being replaced by PAL Region
6 DVDs), so many shows are produced
using this format.  If you are not sure if
your DVD player plays VCDs, try renting
one or checking one out from the library
first.  All computers can play VCDs, but
you may NEED to install a different media